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Mon Jan 25 11:06:51 CET 2010

On 24-1-2010 20:31, Michael S. Fischer wrote:

> The other most common reason why the varnish supervisor can start
> killing off children is when they are blocked waiting on a page-in,
> which is usually due to VM overcommit (i.e., storage file size
> significantly exceeds RAM and you have a very large hot working set).  
> You can usually see that when "iostat -x" output shows the I/O busy % is
> close to 100, meaning the disk is saturated.   You can also see that in
> vmstat (look at the pi/po columns if you're using a file, or si/so if
> you're using malloc).

Well, my balancers have 8GB ram, and were using a 350GB backend file..

I saw disk io was really high, 174% busy is kinda busy :)

                        extended device statistics
device     r/s   w/s    kr/s    kw/s wait svc_t  %b
ad4      100.3  85.2  4101.1  1355.9    2  37.5 174
ad6      102.5  85.2  4092.7  1355.9    3  29.1 150

So thanks for that! I now set the backend to an 8GB file, and I hope
that will be better..

Do you have any recommendations, except buying faster disks?

With Squid I was used to filling up the 300GB disks (we also serve large
images), but I guess Varnish does not work that way..

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