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Thank you and Per for the answers provided.

I'll be happy to try out those new functionality when they'll be implemented, please don't hesitate to keep me informed.

I did not have time yet to install 2.1.2 and try the range header.

What we basically do now is just pipe all the content that is media file, which is working pretty well till now.

We have a problem though with mp3 progressive download:
Some of our users are complaining about download that stops at some random time in our embedded flash player.
They need to download the file again from scratch by make it play from the beginning from the player.
I don't believe varnish creates the problem but more the NFS storage that could be slow to response.

I can see some long delays for certain mp3 on the backend apache logs but I don't know how to get some more informations from varnish (if there is any !).

Our hosting center can't provide us with some figures on the NFS usage yet so I'm a bit stuck in my investigations. 

And I did not succeed in reproducing the problem ....



On 6 juil. 2010, at 08:39, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:

> ]] Jean-Francois Laurens 
> Hi,
> | I'm running varnish 2.0.6 under centos 5.4:
> [...]
> | mp3: progressive download is used in order to read mp3 from the
> | webpages, is it foreseen to have a function to would allow providing
> | the media before it gets completely retrieved by varnish from the
> | backend ?
> It's on the roadmap, but it's not implemented yet.
> | mp4: how is handled Accept-range field in the header, does varnish supports it ?
> Varnish 2.1.2 has experimental support for the Range header, so if you
> upgrade, you can try it out there.
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