What are the steps to problem solve when all I can get are 503s?

Kacper Wysocki kacperw at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 20:41:14 CEST 2010

On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 6:09 PM, Jacques <whshub at gmail.com> wrote:
> Can you try to install with this as the configure:
> VCC_CC="/usr/bin/gcc -pthreads -fpic -shared -m64 -o %o %s" \
> CC=/usr/bin/gcc \
> CFLAGS="-pthreads -m64" \
> LDFLAGS="-pthreads" \
> ./configure --prefix=/opt/extra --enable-debugging-symbols
> --enable-diagnostics --enable-dependency-tracking
> Or change the VCC_CC path if you have your gcc at a different location.
> I don't get any panics.  The child process starts and runs fine.  Everything
> runs just fine (except the 503s).
> I've connected up to the child process with gdb just fine.  My question now
> is where/what should I breakpoint to see why it is coming back as backend
> not connected?

-pthreads seems to fix the issue I was seeing so that's not it and I
can't reproduce your problem. Your 503's need debugging as per my 1st
"make check" should report "All 174 tests passed"

     9 FetchError   c no backend connection

you are hitting cache_fetch.c:357. While debugging, try different
directors & debug.health.


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