Your evaluations aren't in any defined functions. Try placing them on vcl_recv. Also you should escape your periods in your regexes.

Paul Procacci pprocacci at
Mon Jul 19 03:43:14 CEST 2010

What's the error?

Yves Choi <yves1 at> wrote:

Dear all,

I am testing the Vanish for the reverse proxy for multilple domains.

Like as below diagram, When user access to (request http host name with<> ,the Vanish foreard the request to<> backend server.

user 1                                                                  Domain<>

user 2                    Vanish (10.10.10.x)                  Domain<>

user 3                                                                  Domain<>

I looked up the main page but can't find a right sample for this configuration.

This is a configuration that I add in the default vcl file.

When I start the vanishd with below configuration , I got an error.

Please let me know what I made a mistake.



---------------- error messages ---------------------

Expected one of
 'acl', 'sub', 'backend',  or 'director'
Found: 'if' at
(input Line 16 Pos 1)
if ( ~ "^(www.)?$<http://www.%29?$>") {
Running VCC-compiler failed, exit 1
VCL compilation failed


------------ VCL Configuration ----------------------

backend aaa {
     .host = "";
     .port = "80";
backend bbb {
     .host = "";
     .port = "80";

if ( ~ "^(www.)?$<http://www.%29?$>") {
   set = "<>";
   set req.backend = aaar;

} else if ( ~ "^(www.)?$<http://www.%29?$>" {
   set = "www.bbb.<http://www.bbb.>cpm";
   set  req.backend = bbb;}
  else {
         req.backend = default.;



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