Redirecting based on http verb and URL

Davies Matt J A (LCSS) mjdavies at
Wed Jul 21 14:13:13 CEST 2010

Hello everyone

I'm just checking I'm going down the right path here.

I've read the example redirect section on the docs here,

In my case we've just moved web sites, and some crazy dudes are spamming our site, trying to send a POST form to an one page that may have one time allowed it.

My Rails app is picking up these attempts at spam and throwing them out, but I want to handle them, and other normal people who simply click on the old link somewhere, with varnish prior to that.

Here's my addition to the vcl_recv 

if ( == "^(www.)?webiste/blogs/oldpage$") {
      error 750 "Moved Temporarily";
        if (req.request == "POST"){
          error 751 "Please go away"

and vcl_error 

sub vcl_error {
    if (obj.status == 750) {
        set obj.http.Location = "http://newblogs";
	      set obj.status = 302;
    if (obj.status == 751) {
      set obj.status = 500;

Can anyone see any glaringly obvious stupid bits in there?

Thanks again.

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