Varnish Newbie Logging Question

Rob Szarka szlists at
Tue Jul 27 20:00:57 CEST 2010

Hi, folks! I'm new to Varnish, but already loving it. :) Having 
decided to deploy it for real, I need to get logging set up properly. 
My aim is to get the data from my Varnish servers back to my stats 
server in Apache common log format so I can crunch the data there.

1. Does anyone have example scripts to share?

2. I am assuming that taking periodic dumps of new entries from the 
memory log just isn't feasible, and thus running either varnishlog or 
varnishncsa as a daemon is the way to go, right?

3. If I'm going to write logs to disk on the varnish server before 
transferring them off to my stats server, will it make a significant 
difference whether I use varnishncsa directly vs. using varnishlog 
and then translating the logs with varnishncsa once they get to my 
stats server?

4. I assume that I need to start the varnishlog or varnishncsa daemon 
after I start varnishd. Is that why the -d switch is there? To catch 
any entries that sneak in between startup of the two processes?

Thanks for your help,

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