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vitaly burshteyn vburshteyn at
Wed Jun 2 15:24:20 CEST 2010

Hi folks,

So on my path to getting the website to server from cache instead of the
back end i realized that i had a cookie issue (sorry i am new to Varnish)

Cookie: affi=old; __ngt_cli=C8D6A206C800FDA28F4A7F07;

So i changed my vcl_recv to strip out all the utma and other google
analytics cookies.

Yet for some reason no matter what i try i cant get it to strip  affi=old;

So i just want to confirm that untill this is empty:
Set-Cookie: affi=old; Path=/^@^[^@^V^@^@^@

I wont be able to server from cache?

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