varnish constant hdd write

Alex F alex at
Wed Jun 9 09:53:48 CEST 2010

SSD would be a good choice indeed. But not possible right now.
I searched about malloc and see that it is used mostly when one has much 
available RAM. My current system only has 4GB and there is no hope on 
My highest peak on cached objects was 126.000 (with 1 day TTL) and 
highest Virtual Mem allocated 2.1GB.
Available RAM right now is at 1.6GB, but I'd say 1GB given the fact that 
apache+resin+lighttpd also reside on this machine.

Now if I configure Varnish to use malloc 1GB, it only has 1GB to store 
objects, right?

On 8.6.2010 17:15, Per Buer wrote:
> Hi.
> There have been changes in both the FreeBSD and Linux vm in recent
> years and the file backend doesn't perform as good on rotating hard
> drives as it used to. Modern virtual machines seem to be much more
> aggressive when writing.
> I would recommend you try using malloc or getting a SSD. Or try going
> back to RHEL4 or FreeBSD 6. :-)
> Per.

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