varnish constant hdd write

Alex F alex at
Thu Jun 10 10:34:27 CEST 2010

Hello again,

As of yesterday the problem seems to have stopped. And I think it was 
related to varnish constantly caching objects.
It has reached the limit now, 160.000 objects (wohoo), 2.06gb VM, no 
swapping, no more iowait, disk usage has dropped to normal figures.

Compared to the old version, I now have a lot more hits in varnish, and 
in munin graphics are looking nice and constant. In the past, things 
were kind of chaotic, the Objects graphic would drop/rise randomly 
before hitting the cache TTL.
Even more, the max cached objects it reached was at 130.000, compared to 
160.000 with the new version.
And I still have 1.9GB of free memory, so my fears of running out of ram 
were unconfirmed. I guess I could switch over to malloc because I'm 
curious about performance gain.

So yeah, I'm liking v2.1.2! Will wait a couple of days and install it on 
my second cluster aswell.

My regards to the varnish team.

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