munin plugin varnish_ - feature request: support multiple varnish instances

Harald Friessnegger harald at
Mon Jun 14 14:53:14 CEST 2010

This is a feature request for the munin plugin varnish_
Although it's rather trivial to implement i'm not enough into perl to 
contribute a patch.

We’re running multiple varnish instances (different varnishd/varnishstats 
binaries) on our servers.

Currently varnish_ only allows to monitor one of them.

As a workaround i’m having something like varnish1_ varnish2_ scripts with 
some modifications:

line 759: $self =~ s/^.*\/varnish_//;
line 759: $self =~ s/^.*\/varnish1_//;

line 731: print “graph_category Varnish\n”;
line 731: print “graph_category Varnish Project 1\n”;

Would be great if varnish_ was a wildcard plugin such as haproxy 
( as 
the ending “_” already suggests.

This way one needn’t copy/paste/modify varnish_ but simly use symlinks like
varnish_instance1_uptime and varnish_instance2_uptime

Thanks for your help/attention

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