varnishhist stats

Florian Holzhauer fh-varnish at
Tue Jun 22 12:07:04 CEST 2010

Am 22.06.10 11:21, schrieb Sheldon Dsouza:
> I have installed Varnish on my production server, the configuration is
> attached. I tried to get a few stats using the varnishhist command,
> according to the stats a pipe "|" indicates cache hits
> I dont see any pipes in my display, i have attached the out of the stats
> in the varnish.txt file. What am i doing wrong?

On a first brief look:
If I do not recall it completely wrong, the error is the return(pass) as 
the default in vcl_fetch.

"In this mode, the request is passed on to the backend, and the 
backend's response is passed on to the client, but is not entered into 
the cache. Subsequent requests submitted over the same client connection 
are handled normally." - so basically, you are bypassing the cache.

The correct should be return (deliver);


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