Discarding old VCL

Michael Lenaghan michaell at dazzit.com
Thu Jun 24 17:34:07 CEST 2010

We're using Varnish 2.1 on Ubuntu 10.04.

We load new VCL configs on a daily basis. After "loading" and "using"
the new config we look to see if the ref counts on any old
("available") configs have dropped to zero. If they have, we discard
the old configs. The problem is that the ref counts never seem to make
it to zero:

available       2 boot
available       1 2010_06_22T05_32_01Z
available       1 2010_06_23T14_08_01Z
available       1 2010_06_23T14_19_01Z
available       2 2010_06_24T11_00_16Z
active          0 2010_06_24T11_03_01Z

Any idea where that ref count is coming from?

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