Varnish: Initial lag before dumping output to the browser

Hitendra Molleti hitendra at
Tue Jun 29 14:54:45 CEST 2010



We are using a CMS called Escenic which uses the below technologies.


1)     Tomcat (Web Server)

2)     J2EE & JSP (Coding platform)

3)     Varnish (Caching server)

4)     Mysql (Database)


We have setup Varnish to cache the pages, a page which is put together using
various widgets, seems to load all at once instead of gradual loading.
Hence, there is an initial 3 to 4sec wait where the browser does not get any
output, after that the whole rendered page is dumped on the browser. This
makes the site seem much slower than it actually is.


Can someone please let us know if you have experienced this issue and what
are other ways to speed up Varnish to deliver pages faster?





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