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Alessandro Ronchi alessandro.ronchi at
Mon Mar 1 09:45:45 CET 2010

2010/2/26 Yann Malet <yann.malet at>:

>> The interesting parts are in vcl_recv :
>> # This is the only important part of the cookie because

The problem with your configuration is that I need to pass pages with
some cookies (like sessionid) because it's mean the user can have a
cart (and sure I want to let them go to the checkout).

I need the same behaviour of your conf but If I have only the language
cookie I need not to pass. I didn't solved this problem.

This is my actual conf:

With that I'm able to cache pages without cookies, eliminate analytics
cookies, cache pages without language cookie but NOT return cached
pages if the users have the language cookie.

If I unset the language cookie, the backend doesn't know what language
it has to return.
If I leave it, it's not cached.

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