Weird situation with unexpected 206 from the backend, hit-for-pass and default_ttl

Thomas Parmelan tom+varnish at
Mon Mar 1 20:13:05 CET 2010

Le lundi 01 mars 2010 à 12:58, d'après
Thomas Parmelan <tom+varnish at> :

> > What happens if you set obj.cacheable to true and ttl to 1s if the
> > response is a 206?  Does that work?
> I will give it a try with 2.0.6 and report the result.

Nope, doesn't change a thing.

> Will do the purge/default_ttl test again.

Ok I found the explanation for this one: my purge command was "purge == && req.url == /foo/bar", but in vcl_recv I
change to rewrite Host so that the backend recognize it.
If I do the purge with the "corrected", the hit-for-pass
is purged as expected. (this test was on 2.0.6, if it matters).

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