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Yeah, there are several commercial ones out there (add NetAcuity to the list) but I'm not personally aware of any others that provide a free, very usable database and API, and MaxMind covers the same ground.  I think the commercial (read: non-OSS) houses will have a hard time convincing anyone to support their products for them, especially with no documented APIs. :-/

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> On 03/16/2010 06:00 PM, Ken Brownfield wrote:
>> MaxMind has several different databases; the database that is the only one supported by most GeoIP "plugins" is Country, which can only map an IP to a country.  The City edition can map IPs to cities, zip codes, latitude/longitude, etc..
>> The plugin you mention does require the City edition, but MaxMind has a free, less accurate GeoLite City DB.  The City DB will provide country as well as the finer granularity, so for your purposes (country only) it's fine.
>> I do like the custom header idea, mainly because you can potentially pass the header to a backend for possible processing, but also because the conditionals are easier in VCL.
>> There are a lot of cool things you can do with the City DB beyond static mappings (see bind-geoip on Google Code) that would be cool to see in cosimo/varnish-geoip.
> Hi, all
> I know other great Geo database player called Quova ( with lots of geo databases focused not only in Country,
> City, State or Province but Bandwidth, Zip, Area Code. We used it with great success at 24/7 RealMedia's Open AdStream and its
> database is highly customizable and I easy to access.
> Maybe could be another solution, and Varnish Software could keep contact with Quova people to think about a great module.
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