Sane values for ban_lurker_sleep

Sam Bnn hatesbananas at
Mon Mar 29 15:34:24 CEST 2010


I'd like to test-drive the new ban_lurker_sleep param, but the man page is
rather thin on details here.
Even after reading the code, I'm not quite sure what the lurker thread does
exactly between the sleeps.
Is it (a) fetching the last ban and testing all objects which haven't yet
been tested against it?
Looking at the while-loop in
it seems to me that it (b) always just checks one object at a time, which
would be rather pointless for a cache with a million objects and the
sleep-param set to >1 second.

So, what does it really do, and can I expect this new feature to help me
given a cache with >1M objects and a purge list which regularly grows over
250 entries.

Cheers, Sam
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