Need some help understanding these headers -- *is* my file being cached, or not?

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Wed May 5 09:15:22 CEST 2010

]] Ben DJ 

| I've got varnish setup to cache JS inbetween an nginx front-end (gzip
| compression only) & an apache2 backed serving content.
| On loading my page, here's the LiveHTTPHeader result for one particular file:


| >		Pragma: no-cache
| >		Cache-Control: no-cache

These are client headers, we don't care about them.

| Have me confused ... IIUC, and not sure I do, they seem to indicate
| the file's NOT being cached.

Indeed, it looks like that way.

| I'm happy to provide my vcl.conf if helpful/necessary. b4 I go
| tromping though it again, can someone clarify what is, in fact,
| happening to that file, according to the headers above?  I'm clearly
| not 'fluent' enough in header-speak, yet ...

A copy of the VCL + what varnishlog -o output when you run the request
would be useful.

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