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Rob Brown dtownrobbrown at
Wed May 12 09:40:36 CEST 2010

> If we are talking about stuff in the body of the object, the anwer is
> no.

yes, unfortunately that is what I am looking for. I am trying to see if
varnish can "replicate" the functionality of a commercial cache appliance
from a "well-known" vendor.

> You could always use ESI for it, but apart from that, there's currently
> no way to manipulate the content of a page.

ESI would probably work and be much easier, but reading the wiki ( it seems like Varnish doesn't yet
support the "Content substitution based on variables" functionality.

I am not well versed in ESI, but I think would be looking to do something
like this:
<a href="$(QUERY_STRING{'sessionKey'})"/>get

In the wiki, it says "For now we have deemed this feature uninteresting, but
adding it is just a matter of programming." What are the chances of getting
support for variables in a future release?
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