Ignoring refresh / force-refresh from the client

Andrea Campi andrea.campi at zephirworks.com
Sat May 29 11:13:53 CEST 2010

Per Buer wrote:
> On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 5:54 PM,<andrea.campi at zephirworks.com>  wrote:
>> I still see this in the logs:
>> ..
> I see a cookie header. Varnish won't cache if your client sends cookie
> headers. I've tried to write something on the topic in the upcoming
> tutorial; http://varnish-cache.org/static/perbu/dirhtml/tutorial/increasing_your_hitrate/#cookies
I do unset cookies.
BTW sorry for sending only excerpts of the config file, I should make 
time to sanitize it from anything confidential and send it entirely.

That said, AFAIU if the cookie was the matter, the cache would be 
bypassed completely, wouldn't it?
Instead, from the log I see a lookup followed by a discard, even though 
I don't have anything like that in the config:

    14 VCL_call     c recv
    14 VCL_return   c lookup
    14 VCL_call     c hash
    14 VCL_return   c hash
    14 VCL_call     c discard
    14 VCL_return   c discard
     0 ExpKill      - 865712580 LRU

Moreover, as long as I don't hit refresh in the browser the page is 
served from the cache--I confirmed that by adding custom headers.

What is weirdest of all is that if I send the exact same headers with 
curl, I get a cache hit.

Anyway, no point in wasting your time without the full config (and I 
need to be back on site for that).

Have a nice weekend,
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