response time in varnishncsa

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>> Havent seen anything on the list about this. I would also really like
>> to see the time-taken field in the varnishnca log. And what I would
>> want even more, is a field indicating hit/miss! I might even convince
>> my boss to pay for the hours taken.
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> Poul-Henning,
> Just a quick question off-list: I really want the extra feature below
> (2 extra fields in varnishncsa output).
> Would you be willing to do this for pay? I'm pretty sure I can get my
> employer to pay for this feature. Don't know if you have any time, or
> how many hours it would take you, but I was thinking about some fixed
> price based on an initial estimate of your hours?
> Please let me know..

Since PHK is not responding, is there anyone else that's interested in making a buck on this?


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