Cache hits / misses

Robert Brewin bob at
Fri Nov 5 16:35:19 CET 2010

Question . for statistics and histograms, does the following VCL result
statistically as a "miss" ?


sub vcl_recv {

        if ( ~ "^(www.)?" ) {


                return(pass);     # OR . "return(pipe);"





I've used both "pass" and "pipe" and trying to narrow down what seems like
mostly misses ( at least when checking *stat and *hist ) . unfortunately, I
have both highly variable web service calls and invocations against (mostly
static) web sites through the same varnish instance and I'm trying to
eliminate the above as skewing the statistics (they should just be passed
through and ignored by varnish).  


Rather check with folks on this list before substantially changing the
architecture or handling the service invocations without going through the
same "gateway" into the web/service cluster.


And yes, I've unset all cookies and it looks like at least on the web side
of the equation, it's caching properly . it's the service calls which seem
to be registering as "misses".  Note that I realize this may be expected
behavior . but if not, is there a way of having certain calls ignored and
passed through entirely .





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