Using Varnish to accelerate CouchDB

Karel Minařík karel.minarik at
Sat Nov 6 12:32:11 CET 2010

Hello, Michal,

> you will need some kind of cache invalidation. When you change the  
> data
> in CouchDB, your application will have to notify Varnish the document
> has changed and should purge it form the cache.

well, that's certainly doable, but I would rather not mess with cache  
invalidation -- that'd bring a whole different layer in the stack.

> Or, if you don't care Varnish will serve stale version of the  
> document,
> you can cache it for some short period without the invalidation.

Yes, that's an approach we could use for certain resources, but not  
ideal for most.

I am still curious if Varnish use ETag based caching at all?

It seems that Squid also does not work with ETags ( 
). Can someone please clarify this?

The only info I've found is this old thread:



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