Using Varnish to accelerate CouchDB

Karel Minařík karel.minarik at
Sun Nov 7 10:55:47 CET 2010


> We (Cloudant) have actually discussed implementing exactly that in  
> CouchDB. I agree with Per that it wouldn't be difficult to do, we  
> just haven't gotten around to it.

I've noticed some native caching is coming for Couch 1.1.0 [ 
], but know no details.

> TTLs are good enough in some cases but cache invalidation is the  
> only way to go in many.

Yes, in many cases "expiration" based caching makes sense.  
"Validation" based caching would be really handy, though. But maybe as  
non-trivial as cache invalidation of view results, fulltext queries,  
etc based on changes of individual docs...


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