To varnish sysadmin: Blocked IPv4 Space

Ivan Dario Diaz idiaz at
Tue Nov 16 18:57:08 CET 2010

Hi all,

First i want to thank to all you for this great app. We use varnish in
all our website projects.

I have only one issue, we used to install varnish binaries on Debian
Lenny using But we are migrating to the official
varnish repo for obvious reasons. My new servers have addressed the
elastic IP's from range. But i can't access your repositories
from 050/8 address.

 All my servers are deployed in amazon EC2, recently IANA has given the
Network 050/8 to ARIN (see ) and Amazon brought some on the IPv4 Space, for unknown reasons i cant access your IPv4 adresses; it seems that you have the IPv4 Network or at least some IP's bettween  and

Surfing on the net there are some references of system administrators
whose have blocked the pool. Probably it was used to botnet
activities and/or IP Spoofing. But now there is no reason to block. IANA
assigned these addresses in 02/2010.

I have tested several IP's of Redpill Linpro AS (it seems like your
Hosting Provider) and mostly of them works, but varnish related (deb
trac planet www) IP's doesn't work. As you know there are a huge of
users in amazon EC2 using Varnish. It will be a problem to all of them.

I'm not saying that the blocking is in your servers. But all my tests
appoint to that. Please help us with that.

PD: Please forgive me if my English is not polite. Spanish is my natural



Ivan Dario Diaz Hoyos

Administrador de Sistemas
PBX: (57)(1) - 327 5888 Ext 2540
Email: idiaz at 

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