To varnish sysadmin: Blocked IPv4 Space

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Wed Nov 17 15:04:16 CET 2010

]] Ivan Dario Diaz 

| I have tested several IP's of Redpill Linpro AS (it seems like your
| Hosting Provider) and mostly of them works, but varnish related (deb
| trac planet www) IP's doesn't work. As you know there are a huge of
| users in amazon EC2 using Varnish. It will be a problem to all of them.
| I'm not saying that the blocking is in your servers. But all my tests
| appoint to that. Please help us with that.

Indeed, our firewall had the «block bogon networks» turned on, and it
seems like the list hadn't been updated in a while.  I've fixed this

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