configuration references piling up.

pfreeman at pfreeman at
Wed Nov 24 01:46:55 CET 2010

On Monday, November 22, 2010 2:49pm, pfreeman at said:

> It seems that we have references to the configuration which are piling up ...
> where they are normally less than 80 but sometimes go high for a short period,
> since Friday, the reference count (as displayed by "varnishadm vcl.list") has
> continued to grow into the tens of thousands (if left alone).  The count goes to
> normal on a child stop/start, but grows rapidly.  We made some vcl changes, which
> we rolled back to no effect.  varnishlog produces so much output, I was wondering
> if anyone has a tip on how to begin troubleshooting this problem? (perhaps which
> tags to filter from varnishlog and what to look for?).
> Thanks,
> Patrick Freeman

Turns out that there was a link out there which had been broken for some time and last week, the cache-control was bumped down from 3 days to 5 minutes (wasn't supposed to be 3 days).  In either case, it was an rss feed that was timing out, I guess ... munin didn't show apache connections lingering, so I'm not sure why varnish was holding these references open.  Anyway, fixing a rewrite in apache solved the error, which in turn solved the problem in varnish ... false alarm.

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