Finding out number of healthy backends

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A decision was made not to run the console, one less avenue for an attack. The servers are protected behind firewalls but it was thought there would be one less potential vulnerability.

Is there any other way of finding the number of healthy backends?

Regards Glen

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We build a nagios check using:

varnishadm -T localhost:6082 | grep \ is

This works fine.
2010/11/22 Glen Kelly <Glen.Kelly at<mailto:Glen.Kelly at>>
Is there any way of using varnishstat to determine the number of healthy backends?

I currently use 'varnishstat -1 -f n_backend' but this only returns the number of backends, not the number of healthy backends.

I am using Nagios to monitor our environment and want to be able to monitor when we lose a backend. I already am monitoring the backends directly so I have that covered but I want to also monitor when varnish thinks it has lost a backend. i.e. monitoring at multiple levels

If this is not current achievable how do I go about requesting this feature to be added to varnish?

Regards Glen

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