Very slow responses from backend-requests

Morten Fangel fangel at
Tue Nov 23 16:40:27 CET 2010

tfheen at varnish-software wrote:
> ]] Martin Schuhfuss 
> | It seems that nearly any request that is passed on to the backend takes 
> | (more or less) exactly 15sec to complete. 
> | Anything coming from the cache is delivered in no time. 
> | There is, however, no reason I can see since the backend-processing takes 
> | only 82ms. 
> I believe this is now fixed in the 2.1 branch in SVN. Testing would be 
> much appreciated. 

I had the exact same error on the Debian 2.1.4-SVN package. I installed both trunk and 2.1-branch, and both of those worked fine.

So I agree, this is fixed in the 2.1-branch.

-Morten Fangel

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