Panic Signal 6.

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>  Ben,
> You're using a very small amount of memory. I have the feeling that varnish
> sometimes has trouble throwing away older entries which are still valid.
> With your amount of memory that could easily be the case. I'm not really
> sure, but since I've allocated more than enough space for the content
> varnish hasn't crashed since the last restart a couple of months ago.
> I would suggest to use "-s file,/path/varnish.bin,2G"  for a while to see
> if that helps. Of course you need to have 2GB of free space in /path/

Depending on your setup that might not be such a good idea. Better to stick
with the current backend (malloc), although it might make sense to give it
some more breathing space.

-s file on Centos 5 with spinning disks (!ssd) can be a bit heavy on

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