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Assuming your cache is hot enough, you should be able to keep things
going with this in recv


  if (req.backend.healthy) {

                set req.grace = 60s;

        } else {

                set req.grace = 4h;



If your backends all go away, grace is what saves you, but you need the
cache to be well heated.


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Hi folks,


So I sent this post few days ago, I have made some changes but still
cant get my varnish box to server content from cache even though it
looks like it is:

232  Client requests received

         130  Cache hits

           5  Cache hits for pass

          97  Cache misses

          99  Backend conn. success

           3  Backend conn. failures

          99  Fetch with Length

          15  N struct sess_mem



When I shut down the web server it gives me a 503 error.


Here is the copy of my vcl file with out the backend info..  Any and all
suggestion would be appreciated.



sub vcl_recv {


#set req.backend = bw;

set req.grace = 60m;


if (req.request == "PURGE")

            {if (!client.ip ~ purge)

                {error 405 "Not allowed.";}




if (req.request != "GET" && req.request != "HEAD")




   if (req.http.Cache-Control ~ "no-cache")








sub vcl_hit {


  if (!obj.cacheable) {

      return(pass);  }}


sub vcl_fetch {

    if (beresp.status == 500 || beresp.status == 503 || beresp.status ==
504) {

            restart;    }


        set beresp.ttl = 600s;

        set beresp.grace = 600s;


        if (beresp.ttl < 300s) {

          set beresp.ttl = 300s;}

        if (!beresp.cacheable)


        if (beresp.http.Set-Cookie)




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