Varnish used large memory and keep growing

Chaos Lee chaokovsky.lee at
Tue Oct 19 09:22:22 CEST 2010

version: 2.0.6

cmd to start varnishd:

/usr/sbin/varnishd -P /var/run/ -a :80 -f
/etc/varnish/default.vcl -T -t 120 -w 500,10000,120 -u
varnish -g varnish -s file,/var/lib/mysql/varnish_cache/varnish.cache,100G
-h classic,500009 -p sess_timeout 5 -p thread_pools 4 -p
thread_pool_add_delay 2 -p listen_depth 4096 -p session_linger 50 -p
lru_interval 20 -p obj_workspace 4096

My system has 4G memory and 4G swap, varnish eat all memory and 500m swap
space when running about 6 hrs. I think if there is memory leak on 2.0.6.
Dose someone has same problem?
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