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Per Buer perbu at
Thu Sep 9 12:27:36 CEST 2010


I'm very happy to announce the relaunch of our community site

The objective of the design was to make the important information more
visible, to make the whole site visually more pleasing and aggregating some
external, relevant information.  As you can see there is a new color scheme
and a new, modern logo as well. We're keeping trac - we'll be re-theming it
during today or tomorrow. All existing links are redirected.

If anyone would like to participate with developing the site further please
let me know.  I'll get busy cleaning up the wiki now, moving more and more
content either into the main main web site or into the documentation. Help
is more then welcome.

Feedback is welcome.



Per Buer,  Varnish Software
Phone: +47 21 98 92 61 / Mobile: +47 958 39 117 / skype: per.buer
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