Varnish w/hardware loadbalancing woes

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Mon Sep 27 21:43:58 CEST 2010

Yea, I read that Varnish will not do SSL - the SSL is configured on the VIP though. Our site will need to handle http and https requests. But I want Varnish to work for the http portions - and that is what we have been testing, only http requests.

Candace Copper 

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> Thanks again Michael - I was able to gather some more information regarding our VIP today - here is what was given to me:

> VIP-
> server virtual 192.168.X.X  sym-priority 4  predictor round-robin  port http sticky  port ssl sticky  bind http server1 http server2 http server3 

> http  bind ssl server1 ssl server2 ssl server3 ssl

varnish won't do ssl

Do clients expect ssl or plain http?


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