Varnish acceleration for Liferay/Alfresco combo

p.marino at
Mon Apr 4 11:21:17 CEST 2011

Hi everyone,

a colleague of mine is working on a corporate intranet portal based on
Liferay (for the front end) and Alfresco (CMS).
The system has been working for a bit more than a year, but the performances
could use some speeding up.

I suggested him to investigate Varnish as a way to speed up the whole,
especially as a cache between Liferay and Alfresco. Even if the front end
can be customized it still relies on querying the CMS for stuff like "today
news", "corporate manuals", "personal announces" and so on... and these are
dynamic, but rarely change more than once a day... so I suspect that
intercepting the calls to Alfresco and caching the content of the CMS-backed
portlets would work.

Can anyone offer some pointers to this? Or any suggestions/hints? What kind
of calls can be managed by Varnish? (HTTP, webservices, XML-RPC...? I am
asking because the Liferay/AlFresco connection has been implemented using
custom java code so we may have to do something on that side, too)

Thanks in advance,

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