Too much file space consumed by varnish in /var/lib/varnish/

Rubén Ortiz ruben.ortiz at
Fri Aug 5 09:56:55 CEST 2011

Hello to all

my name is Rubén Ortiz, I work as sysadmin in Spain. We use Varnish to cache
of some of our products. Is a great software. But we have some mysteries
about Varnish. We work mostly with Linux (CentOS distribution) and last
stable version of 2.X, 2.1.5.

One of our customers warning us that after a reboot of varnishd (after some
change in apache config) , varnish did not start. I checked and found the
problem, hard disk full. I did "df -h" and "du" to find where was the
problem and I founded in


there were many files of varnish, because I have a setup up to 8 GB of hard
disk. But the space consumed by cache was higher than I specified in
/etc/sysconfig/varnish, about 18 GB, and surprisingly there were a lot of
files very old (1 month)

so, I suspect this behavior is because the customer make some changes in VCL

I'm right?

Rubén Ortiz
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