neverending saga of varnish + joomla

Kevin k at
Sun Aug 7 22:42:13 CEST 2011



I have posted here in the past regarding my (seemingly) never ending quest
to make joomla cooperate with varnish in such a way that non-anonymous user
sessions are not cached.


The true problem lies in the method that joomla utilizes the same php
session cookie for anonymous users and logged in users. The reasoning behind
this is so joomla can reduce the risk of session hijacking and whatnot ,
which makes sense ( I guess).


The problem is varnish is having a very very difficult time knowing when to
pipe or pass the traffic to the backend webserver if a logged in session
happens. It seems that unless you patch joomla to do its own internal checks
and determine if a user is anonymous or not, and send a custom http header
that varnish can read, there is no other real way to make varnish work with


I'd be really appreciative if anyone can share their relevant VCL if they
have in fact achieved a working relationship between varnish (I'm running
2.1) and joomla 1.5.


Thanks in advance,




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