manually refreshing varnish cache

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Fri Aug 12 19:29:53 CEST 2011

Hey there,



I'm just curious about what strategies other people out there use for
refreshing or building a varnish cache quickly. I've obviously considered
wget as a strong contender, but I'd love to hear if anyone else has
favourite tools for manually refreshing a stale cache.


I thought I'd give a scenario where this might be useful, before people
start asking why.


I plan on having a "standby" varnish server that is geographically in a
different data center than the primary varnish servers. I'd like the grace,
and cache times to be significantly different than the live varnish servers.


In the event of a disaster scenario in the live data center, I'd like to
flip the switch to point to the geographically different varnish server, and
serve the stale cache for however long it takes the live data center to come


The challenge (not really a hard one mind you) would be to regularly update
the cache in said standby varnish server at scheduled intervals so that the
stale cache is not so far out of date when / if I do need to flip that DNS


If anyone has dealt with this scenario specifically ,or just with crawling
varnish in general, I'd like to hear anyone's thoughts!






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