Tune Varnish for pipe only operations

Simon Lyall simon at darkmere.gen.nz
Tue Dec 6 10:09:27 CET 2011

I think varnish might not be the right tool for you, perhaps haproxy might 
better suit your needs.

On Tue, 6 Dec 2011, Brain Stormer wrote:
> I am currently having Varnish deployed as a front-end proxy for a number of
> back-end servers (media streaming).
> The back-end servers only communicate with HTTP in the initialization and
> then complete the session with binary streams. So basically, I do some
> checks at the `vcl_recv` then if everything is okay I `pipe` them to the
> back-ends.
> Currently, I have absolutely NO use from Varnish capabilities of caching.
> I am currently facing CPU overhead at the `varnishd` process, I have tuned
> lots of parts in Varnish, So...
> My question now is, How to tune Varnish to give full attention performance
> wise to piped requests, putting into mind that all sessions keeps up for
> hours long.
> Another question is, Do I still have to define a caching store ? I read on
> some online resources that caching store is still needed for storage
> regarding Varnish threads.
> Awaiting your enlightening !
> Thanks,
> MS

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