503 Service Unavailable when using firewall

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On Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 2:52 PM, Ivan Martinez
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> In a CentOS 6 server, I'm running Varnish in port 80 serving pages from a
> Zotonic site in port 8000. It works fine when I leave all the ports open.
> However, if I close all ports from 0 to 631 and explicitly open 80 and
> 8000, the following happens:
> - I can see the website in server:8000.
> - In server:80, I get the following after some seconds:
> Error 503 Service Unavailable
> Service Unavailable
> Guru Meditation:
> XID: 544990083
> Varnish cache server

Error 503 happens when Varnish could not contact any backends. You can
check if a backend is up and healthy using the command:

varnishadm -T localhost:<adm_port> debug.health

The backend must be healthy. If it's sick, it means that varnish can't
connect on port server:8000 on your site for some reason
(nc/telnet/wget/curl can be useful to test here). Check if the firewall is
blocking the output, and it's accepting established/related connections on
the backend.

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