Maitaining state in ESI includes

Christian Jul Jensen christian at
Thu Dec 8 10:37:49 CET 2011


I asked about this previously, but maybe I didn't explain my problem 
well enough, at least I am getting some different answers on whether the 
following is possible.


We want to embed a stand-alone application into pages generated by a CMS.

The CMS pages are fully cacheable.

The embedded application has a mix of cacheable and uncacheable states 
defined by GET-parameters.

Which state should be shown is not known by the CMS, so proper 
GET-parameters can not be provided in the ESI-tag, but will be links 
back to the page from the embedded application itself.


Is it possible to forward GET (and POST) parameters from the main 
request to the ESI request?

If so, is it possible to filter the forwarded parameters by some regexp, 
to only provide the relevant parameters.


Christian Jul Jensen


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