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>Does varnish cache DNS entries forever and does the dns lookup only once
>at startup time?
>If so, why would it do that?

Varnish does the DNS lookup at VCL compiler time.

This is to avoid DNS-server trouble impacting varnish doing its job.

We have talked about having the health-probe do DNS lookups in the
background, but there are some interesting cornercases that needs
to be dealt with, for instance:  What happens when we suddenly get
two IP#'s back, or when we get no ip numbers back.

The advantage to doing the DNS lookup and error checking at VCL compile
time, is that we have a CLI connection to report trouble on.

>The initial DNS answer would include a TTL, indicating how long the record
>is valid.

Yes, and no standardized API returns that TTL to the application
program, so all you can do is call getaddrinfo() periodically, at
whatever frequency you deem appropriate :-(

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