Can varnish be used on a e-commerce website where almost all pages are dynamic?

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On Fri, Dec 23, 2011 at 12:26 PM, Lx Yu <lixinfish at> wrote:

> Hello, I'm working on a e-commerce site, and the content of it is almost
> fully dynamic.
> Most user must login to purchase, and every login user in have a
> collection of personalized items displayed in every page.

Yes. As someone already pointed out - mostly people use ESI for this. Or

And every item's status is in real-time(whether it's in stock, and how many
> left).

That's a rather soft real time requirement. You can probably cache those
for at least a second or two or ten. Nobody will know and your database
will love it.

So for now, we dynamically generate every webpage, and use a CDN to
> delivery all static files(images, css, js).
> Then, can varnish be used in such situation where almost all things is
> dynamic?


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