Issue with varnish passing absolute url to backend

Joseph Begumisa j.begumisa at
Tue Feb 8 02:22:35 CET 2011


Just installed varnish and I have an issue with varnish sending GET
requests to the backend server.  If I try to access, varnish sends GET /username to the
backend server running zeus web server.

The problem with this is I have a couple of rewrites on the zeus web
server that rewrite the url to  So the GET request sent by
varnish does not match the rewrite rule and I get back a 404 Page Not
found error.

I can change the rewrite rule, however, is this by design or am I
missing something in my configuration?  I'd like varnish to pass the
GET request as the absolute url i.e

I tried to keep my default.vcl configuration as simple as possible for
now before building it up.

### Custom Configuration

backend web1 {
     .host = "";
     .port = "80";

I've run a couple of searches, gone through the faqs and
documentations but I don't seem to see anything that would point to
why this happens.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Best Regards,


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