Partial content problem with facebook

Claudio Castro ccastro at
Wed Feb 23 21:50:39 CET 2011

Hi everybody,

I'm having trouble integrating one of my host domains with facebook 
"share" (, i already fix it to 
another site changing http_headers.h on 2.1.3, but it doesn't work for 
this one, then i try upgrading varnish to 2.1.5 but it fails too, it 
only works directly to the backend.

Any advice?

Claudio Castro N.
Jefe de Plataforma
AltaVoz S.A.
Viña del Mar:
  2 Poniente 355 of 53
  +56 32 276 8060
  Guardia Vieja 255, oficina 612
  +56 2 585 4264

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