Rewriting URL's or Content inside a req object using regsub or regsuball

Harry Yeh hyeh at
Fri Jan 7 06:25:06 CET 2011

I am currently having some success with the Reverse Proxying features of
Varnish, and the only thing left that I need to be able to do is essentially
rewrite some of the URL's in the body.

For example, we have a url internally that might be and we
need the url's in the HTML page to be rewritten to

Right now I am kind of stuck but I am assuming I should be doing something
similar to following? I have not idea which beresp object I should use for
the body of the content since there is no documentation.

 sub vcl_fetch {

if ( == "" && req.url ~ "^/blogs"){
set beresp = regsuball(beresp, "^", "");
     if (!beresp.cacheable) {
         return (pass);
     if (beresp.http.Set-Cookie) {
         return (pass);
     return (deliver);


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