Inconsistency in VRT_SetHdr/GetHhdr field sizes

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Mon Jan 24 00:48:15 CET 2011

In message <AANLkTikj7QoeEgYkfwtiZLUouYdB-dTuGQmM1HJ6aG3E at>, AD w

>This should mean the field is \012X-Cache-Key: however when running this vcl
>through -C it shows up as 14 (2 more bytes than the full size of the field).
> Any ideas why this would be ?

Because (\###) is octal notation \014 means twelve.

>      VRT_SetHdr(sp, HDR_REQ, "\014X-Cache-Key:", "test",

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