HTCP CLR operation for purging clustered reverse proxy cache

Ben Truitt btruitt at
Tue Jul 5 22:56:46 CEST 2011

Hi -
 Thanks for the great work on Varnish! 

 My team at Rackspace is considering adopting Varnish for some RESTful services we're creating. We're planning to have a cluster of reverse proxy cache servers in front of our origin servers. One of the issues that is important to us is the ability to keep the cache consistent with the origin server's data store as much as possible.

 I realize that Varnish supports HTTP PURGE operation, but we'd prefer to use something like HTCP's CLR operation for a multicast purge.  I came across a fairly old varnish-dev mailing list item related to this:

 That post indicates that HTCP CLR would be incorporated into Varnish, but I don't see that it has been.

 I'd love to know:
1) Are there plans to include HTCP CLR in Varnish any time soon?
2) Is there a plugin (such as the one Artur Bergman created) available that I can use today?

Thanks in advance for your time!

Benjamin Truitt
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