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>When I issue a ban in varnishadm to invalidate a series of urls in the cache,
>when will this ban be lifted?

When all objects in the cache at the time you issued the ban has either
been tested against it, or expired.

We have a "ban-lurker" thread which tries to speed this process up
by testing objects against the bans, but since there is no request
available, this thread can only test obj.* conditions, but not
req.* conditions.

One way to work around this limitation is to copy the fields you
want to test from req into obj:

	sub vcl_fetch {
		// copy url to object fo ban lurker
		set beresp.http.XYZ-url = req.url;

	sub vcl_deliver {
		// don't deliver url to client
		unset resp.http.XYZ-url;

	ban ~ "*.jpg"

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