Possible bug with very large headers in varnish-3.0.0 revision 3bd5997

Lee Trout lee at leetrout.com
Fri Jul 1 02:44:26 CEST 2011


Please excuse the interruption, but I wanted to see if I may have
stumbled upon a bug or if there is a known issue or configuration
option for requests with very large header values.

Using varnish-3.0.0 revision 3bd5997 when a large request comes in
(cookie header ~3k characters) the header is lost.  I am seeing
"LostHeader   c Cookie:" in the logs.

This paste includes the request and results comparing varnish-3.0.0
revision 3bd5997 and varnish-2.1.4 SVN 5447M

Thank you in advance for your time and suggestions.

Lee Trout

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